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Armstrong & Brooks Consulting Engineers

Open Positions: Civil Engineer, Assistant Civil Engineers, Civil Designer, Civil Engineering Draftsman.

Job Overview:

Land Planning: Entitlements, Feasibility Studies, Cost Estimates, Site Plans, Public & Private Facilities, Educational Facilities K-12, College, Church, Residential, Park Sites, Commercial and Industrial Developments.

Infrastructure: Street Improvement Plans, Underground Civil Utility Plans and Specifications for Public Works and Private Clientele. Water and Sewer Facilities, Storm Drain Lines and Appurtenances, Fire Water Protection Systems, Reclaimed Water Facilities, Hydraulic Models, Calculations and Permitting Support, Retaining Walls and Structural Design, as well as Construction Support Services

Site Development & Surveys: Subdivisions, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Record of Surveys, Lot Line Adjustments, Monumentation, Easements. Grading and Drainage Plans & Technical Specifications, Earthwork Analysis, Slope Analysis, Permitting, ADA Accessibility, Construction Staking

Water Resources: Water Supply Reservoirs and Transmission/ Distribution Facilities. Water Quality Management Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Recharge Basins, Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities and Design, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Erosion Control Plans, Site Inspections, N.O.I, N.O.T., Q.S.D., Q.S.P.

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Cal Poly Flyer
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