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LCSO Scholarship 2022

The League of California Surveying Organizations (LCSO) is comprised of County and City Surveyors, Caltrans, representatives from special districts, and private consultants whose primary focus is providing surveying services to the Government sector. Our goal is to disseminate information for the purpose of standardizing surveying throughout California. Supporting your education in our profession accomplishes this goal, by providing assistance for obtaining a structured foundation from which to begin your career.


  • A completed application form.

  • Attach a one-page essay addressing the topics indicated on the application form. All essays must be typed. Handwritten essays will not be accepted.

  • Provide contact information for at least one faculty member who is familiar with your coursework.

  • Attach a copy of all unofficial college transcripts through the Fall semester, of the previous year when scholarship award is being applied for. If this is your first semester in a surveying class, submit proof of registration.

  • Incomplete, improperly filled out, and late applications will not be accepted. Valid applications must be postmarked no later than the deadline. It is the obligation of the applicant to ensure that applications meet the postmarked deadline.


Currently enrolled in an accredited land surveying or surveying/geomatics engineering bachelor degree program, or currently enrolled in an associate degree/certificate program in land surveying or surveying/geomatics engineering with the intent to attend an accredited surveying/geomatics engineering bachelor degree program, or to pursue a career in a Land Surveying related profession. Pass scholarship recipients are eligible.

Selection Criteria

The League of California Surveying Organizations Education Committee will review and select applicants to receive scholarships annually. Scholarship awards will be determined based upon the applicant’s career interests, grade point average, financial need, dedication to the profession of land surveying, land surveying organization affiliation, and geographic location within California. These criteria are inclusive and not necessarily listed in order of selection importance. Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree program will be eligible for scholarships up to $1000; students enrolled in an Associate degree or technical program will be eligible for scholarships up to $500.

Application Deadline: March 18, 2022


Please email Chu Man Kow (Senior Surveyor) at



  • Mail to: LCSO Education Committee P.O. Box 90821, Long Beach, CA 90809

  • Email to: Subject: LCSO Scholarship

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