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Katherine is a fourth-year general civil engineering student and will be serving as the CPP ASCE Student Chapter President for the 2023-2024 school year. Previously, she has served as Vice President, External (2022-2023), Co-Conference Chair (2021-2022), and First-Year Representative (2020-2021). She also served as the 2022-2023 Steel Bridge Publicity Chair and is a member of ITE. Katherine currently interns at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) as a Student Professional Worker under their Traffic Signal Design team. Her main interests are currently in transportation and land development, however, she is open to other fields as well and is eager to learn and experience as much as she can in civil engineering throughout her career. During her free time, Katherine enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, shopping, trying new food spots, and so much more.


Jack Bussiere

Vice President, Internal

Jack is a second-year general civil engineering student serving as this year’s Vice President, Internal.  He previously served as the Events Chair for CPP ASCE during the 2022-2023 school year and was also a Construction Team member for CPP’s Student Steel Bridge Competition Team.  He plans to remain involved with both CPP ASCE and CPP Steel Bridge for the remainder of his college career while serving in multiple different leadership roles for each club.  Jack is looking forward to bringing many new and revamped events to all of our student members throughout the school year and working closely with his fellow officers to create the most meaningful and beneficial events possible.  When he is not busy with school, clubs, or work, Jack enjoys spending his free time in nature doing things such as hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, or snowboarding. 


Stacy Soewono

Vice President, External

Stacy is a fourth-year general civil engineering student serving as this year’s Vice President, External. She served as the Secretary from 2022-2023 and the Publicity Chair from 2021-2022 for Cal Poly Pomona’s ASCE Student Chapter. She also was the Fundraising Chair for Cal Poly Pomona’s Steel Bridge team (2022-2023) and the Vice President of Communications for Cal Poly Pomona’s SWE (2021-2022) in the recent academic years. She plans to continue being an active member in the Society of Women Engineers and Institute of Transportation Engineers. Stacy currently works at HDR Inc. with their highways section. She is interested in design within transportation and land development. However, she is open to learning about the different disciplines in civil engineering. When she is not busy with work, school, and/or extracurricular activities, she enjoys going on walks, watching sunsets, and listening to podcasts or music. Stacy also has a foodstagram (@stacy.eats) and can be found trying and reviewing food all the time.


Jacqueline Gomez


Jacqueline is a fourth-year civil engineering student and is returning as CPPASCE's Treasurer for the 2023-2024 academic year. In previous years, she was a First-Year Representative and a Co Outreach and Community Service Chair on the CPP ASCE board. Jacqueline is currently an Intern for Southern California Edison with their underground civil and construction team, where she is gaining more exposure to the private sector. She is currently interested in project management, construction, and water resources, but she is open to learning more about all of the other branches of Civil Engineering, hence her general-option emphasis. She hopes that with time she will be able to find what area of civil engineering she would like to pursue. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, traveling, hiking, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. 


Maria Pryakhina


Maria is a second-year general civil engineering student serving as this year’s Secretary. She formerly served as a First-Year Representative for ASCE (2022-2023.) Maria is excited to continue working on the annual report and connect and serve on the ASCE board. She plans to continue being a member of Cal Poly Pomona’s SWE in this upcoming year. Maria is currently interested in structures and transportation but is open to exploring all the different disciplines of civil engineering. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, learning new languages, painting, exploring new places, hanging out with her friends, cooking, and shopping.



Kyle Masmela

Conference Chair

Kyle is a second year general civil engineering student who’s taken up the mantle as this year’s Conference chair. He was previously ASCE’s first year representative (2022-2023) and has now taken another step to be a leader. He is also excited to serve as the paddling captain for CPP’s Concrete Canoe. He intends to remain excited and to encourage as many people as he can to go to PSWS 2024 at the University of Hawaii. In his free time, Kyle loves to cook, go to the gym, surf, and practice martial arts. He is currently interested in construction management but is still exploring every open door. His biggest values in life are helping others, having faith, and doing the best you can!

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Lauryn Teramoto

Co Conference Chair

Lauryn is a first-year general civil engineering. She is serving as this year’s Conference chair. She is looking forward to gaining leadership experience and learning more about civil engineering through ASCE. Lauryn is also a member of CWEA-AWWA and EERI, allowing her to gain exposure to multiple different fields of civil engineering. When she’s not doing school work, she can be found spending time alone reading, listening to music, or watching a new series. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, trying new cafes, and playing basketball. She hopes to grow as a person, as well as begin to develop her professional career through ASCE.


Matthew McGrody

Co Events Chair

Matthew is a second-year civil engineering student with an emphasis in general civil engineering. This year he will be serving as Co-Events Chair, and he is excited to plan and prepare for the CPP ASCE Banquet as well as other socials. He is looking forward to continuing to gain leadership experience and communication skills, using his experience planning PSWS as Conference Chair last year. Matthew is a member of ITE and is hoping to gain hands-on experience in the civil engineering field. During his free time, he enjoys playing sports, billiards, and video games, as well as learning new things. Additionally, he likes helping people improve as he is a tutor for students of all ages.


Benjamin Myo-Flores

Co Events Chair

Ben is a second-year general civil engineering student serving as this year’s ASCE Co-Events Chair at CPP. He is excited to take on a higher position as well as meeting and networking with many great people associated with ASCE. Currently, he is interested in transportation and structural applications in civil engineering. However, he is eager to gain more knowledge and experience in the different disciplines throughout his career as an engineer. When he is not busy with school, clubs, or work, Ben enjoys spending his time with those close to him such as loved ones and family, and he likes staying active by going to the gym, playing golf, or practicing many different forms of martial arts. 


Alaina Austin

Co Outreach & Community Service Chair

Alaina is a second-year student pursuing civil engineering and is serving as this year's Outreach and Community Service Co-Chair. Although it is her first official position within the chapter, Alaina dedicated a significant amount of time in her first year attending meetings, participating in events, and supporting fundraisers, allowing her to familiarize herself with the chapter. Alaina's current passion lies in transportation and structural applications within civil engineering, but she eagerly anticipates expanding her knowledge and experience across various disciplines throughout her engineering career. Beyond her academic pursuits, Alaina likes to go to the gym, play volleyball, try new foods, and spend time with friends and family.


Lukas Pohl

Co Outreach & Community Service Chair

Lukas is a second year student pursuing civil engineering. He is serving as this year's Outreach and Community Service Co-Chair. This is Lukas’ first position in the chapter but he has spent a lot of time in his first year going to meetings, events, and fundraisers getting to know the chapter. He is very excited to be taking on this role. His interests lie in environmental engineering and transportation engineering, but he hasn’t settled on anything and is open to exploring lots. When he isn’t busy with academics and extracurriculars, Lukas loves to spend time with his family and pets, play soccer, and go to the beach.


Oscar Hernandez

Membership Chair

Oscar is a fourth-year general civil engineering student serving as this year’s membership chair. This will be his first position for the CPP ASCE student chapter, and he is very excited to take on the role. As a transfer from a community college, he attended many ASCE meetings, tech tours, as well as events. His current interests revolve around transportation applications within civil engineering but is open to becoming exposed to other aspects within civil engineering. Aside from academic interest Oscar enjoys going to the gym, model making, going to the movies, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.


Pablo Barboza

Publicity Chair

Pablo is a second-year general civil engineering student and this year’s publicity chair for the CPP ASCE student chapter. This is his first year on the team, but is a continuing avid member of ASCE and the Institution of Transportation Engineers. His leading interests in the field include transportation and structural engineering, but he is still curiously exploring several areas of study within the discipline. He is extremely excited to learn more about civil engineering and all the ways he can advance himself in his career and life. When he’s not in school, he enjoys listening to music, catching up on his favorite shows, working out, being outside, and eating all kinds of foods.

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Jocelyn Gomez

First Year Representative

Jocelyn is a first-year undergraduate student pursuing civil engineering. She is also involved in the Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers, Educational Opportunity Program, and Kellogg Honors College, emphasizing academic excellence and civic engagement. Jocelyn is excited to learn more about the civil engineering field, and gain more exposure through CPP ASCE. When she is not busy with school work she loves serving in the toddlers ministry at Mission Bible Church, studying theology, watching tv shows with her family, finding new snacks at Trader Joe’s, or playing pickleball with her friends.

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Corban Stanford

First Year Representative

Cory, who also goes by Corban, is a first-year environmental Civil Engineering student excited
and prepared for his involvement in ASCE here at Cal Poly Pomona. As a First-Year
Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year, Cory will work hard to serve the ASCE
community. He can’t wait to network with his peers, mentors, and industry professionals as he t
akes his first steps toward pursuing his career. Living close to Yosemite, he enjoys hiking and backpacking with his friends. In his free time, he likes to read, analyze movies, and watch the sunset.

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Nora Martinez

First Year Representative

Nora Martinez is a first-year general civil engineering student and is serving as one of this year’s First-Year Representatives. Nora joined ASCE to become more engaged on campus, acquire knowledge, and expand her professional network. She is excited about the endless possibilities the engineering field offers and aims to explore various sectors to determine her specific interests. She is involved in campus organizations, including the California Promise Program, and the California Water Environment Association - American Water Works Association (CWEA-AWWA). Her participation in these groups allows her to engage with her community and further her academic and professional development. Additionally, she aspires to secure a summer internship to gain practical experience and discover her true passion within the industry. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, watching films, visiting amusement parks, and cherishing quality moments with her loved ones.



Alejandro Torres

PSWS Director

Alejandro is a second-year general civil engineering student and is currently the director for PSWS 2025. In the spring of 2025, Cal Poly Pomona will be hosting the Pacific Southwest Symposium, an occurrence which only takes place once every 13 years! Although this event is still some time away, Alejandro plans to work extremely hard over the next two years to put on the best event he can for everyone attending. Additionally, this will be his second year as an ASCE officer, having been a First-year Representative the previous year. Alejandro is also currently interning at the Riverside County Department of Transportation, working as part of the Construction Inspection Division. While his interests do lie in transportation, construction, and project management, he is always open to learning more about civil engineering as a whole. When Alejandro is not at school, you can usually find him at the movie theater, reading, with his friends/family, or building LEGO.

Jordan Chung

Steel Bridge Project Manager

Jordan Chung is a third-year general civil engineering student and is serving as a Co-Project Manager for CPP Steel Bridge with Taylor Jaseph. He has previously served as an Alumni Relations Chair and First-Year Representative for the CPP ASCE Student Chapter. He has also served as Quality Control and Construction Team member for the CPP Steel Bridge Competition Team. He has previously interned as an Estimator for Silverado Contractors, Inc. and plans to continue exploring the fields of construction and civil engineering. He plans to remain involved with clubs such ASCE and Steel Bridge as they have provided opportunities to grow as an engineer and memorable college experiences. Jordan is looking forward to fundraising for CPP Steel Bridge and ASCE to compete at PSWS and competing at the National SSBC Competition. In his free time, Jordan enjoys playing any type of sports, listening to music, and photography.

Taylor Jaseph

Steel Bridge Project Manager

Taylor is a fourth-year general civil engineering student with a minor in multimedia journalism and will be serving as one of CPP Steel Bridge Project Managers with Jordan Chung. This will be the first time she has a position on ASCE, but she has been a general member since the start of her college career during COVID-19. Taylor is excited to spend her final year of college in ASCE, making new connections and learning even more about her major. This is also her second year on CPP Steel Bridge, with her previous position being the Safety Officer (2022-2023). Taylor hopes to go into structural engineering or construction and she spent the summer interning in the Bay Area with the construction company Pullman, SST. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, writing, forcing her mom to call her so she can see her dog Sophie, and going on Target runs or anime convention trips with her roommates.

Eduardo Martinez

Concrete Canoe Project Manager

Eduardo Martinez is a third-year general civil engineering student and is serving as this year's Project Manager for Concrete Canoe. This is his third year as an ASCE Officer; he had previously served as one of the Alumni Relations Chair (2022-2023) and he is very excited to work with the other officers to provide ASCE members with meaningful and enlightening experiences and opportunities. This is also his second year being part of the Concrete Canoe team, previously being the Construction Captain (2022-2023). He is currently interested in structures and construction, but he is willing to experience and learn about the various sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Eduardo currently works in Structural as a Project Engineer Intern. Eduardo enjoys reading manga, going to Mexican concerts (Banda), staying active by working out or playing volleyball, and spending time with his family and friends when he is not busy with work, school, or extracurricular activities.


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